Pump Up Your Exterior Decor with New Garage Doors


If your garage faces the street, your garage doors can be half of the curb appeal of your home so you should take another look at what you are saying about yourself, through your garage doors! 

The topic of exterior decorating doesn’t come up that often through the colder months of the year.  However, as soon as the temperature rises above the 50’s, people start thinking about those projects outdoors.

Painting or replacing siding is the tried and true exterior summer project. This one is close to Matt’s heart since he was a school teacher for a while.  And, we all know that teachers don’t get paid enough for what they do so he, like many other teachers, picked up a summer job; painting houses.

It’s true that the siding on your home is the largest surface on the exterior.  Any changes there will make an extreme difference in the appearance of your home. But there’s another surface that is nearly 30% of your homes exterior and it is sorely overlooked: it’s your garage door!


When your garage door faces the street, it is a major part of the finished appearance of your home.  In fact, a change in your garage door could prevent you from having to paint for a year or two because a new one could make such a lovely impact.

Even if you have a side entrance garage and you are the only ones who see it, aren’t you worth it?  Isn’t the garage door the first thing we see when we approach our homes on most occasions?  It should be beautiful and welcoming and project your personality just like the rest of your home.

Well, there are many fine manufacturers of garage doors out there, and Matt and I have had the pleasure of becoming…hmmm, sure, I’ll say it…friends, with several people involved in a family owned and operated garage door business called Haas Door.


Haas Door is located in Wauseon, Ohio and that means that these garage doors are “Made in the USA”.  We all know that our economy needs more businesses like Haas Door that keeps their production facilities right here in America.  Plus, they are good people who believe in quality and they stand by their products.


A quick side story is when Matt and I were in Hartford Connecticut in March of 2010, the owner of Haas Door, Edward Nofziger, drove one of his big rigs up to Hartford to watch our stage presentation.  We had dinner together a couple nights and then the “boys” (and I mean Matt and Edward), set out on their big adventure in the big rig!!  Well, it was certainly more of an adventure for Matt since he hadn’t ridden in a big rig before.  But he found that if you pack the right goodies, (twizzlers and popcorn) that a trip to deliver Hass Garage Doors could be a lot of fun. Well, I’ll let Matt give you more of the fun details sometime, but suffice to say that relationships are being built and friendships enjoyed between all of us.

That’s why it is easy to feel comfortable talking about Haas Doors and how they can help insulate your garage as well as make it look beautiful.  I’ll leave the insulation, R values and construction materials to another article that Matt can write, but here I just want to talk about how your garage door can beautify your home.

Remember that if 1/3 of your home’s exterior is garage door, than it is probably the second most important element that impacts the curb appeal of your home.  Because of this and the fact that your garage door must blend or co-ordinate with the siding and style of your home, attention must be paid to what style you select.


For instance, there are some things that never go out of style. They are timeless, they are classic. That is what Haas Door had in mind when they designed their new American Tradition Series™ of garage doors. Imagine the beauty of the 1800’s carriage house, the tall rooflines, warm gaslights and of course the elegant handcrafted wooden doors with their black iron details.

Haas Door has taken all the elegance of the original wooden carriage house door and translated it into a beautifully wood grained embossed door. The heart of the Haas Door has 21st century materials; but its outward design takes you back to a time of great craftsmanship and pride.  Combine this with modern technology and you have a beautiful garage door that will provide an even better barrier to the elements than wood.


The American Tradition Series™ of garage doors is chock full of options to make your new garage doors as personalized as you’d like.  Here, the panel details are squarer on the carriage doors and the windows a bit smaller to provide more privacy without eliminating some sunlight to enter.


This square panel carriage door has a bead board design within the panel and the option of the eyebrow windows.  Notice too that there are many different popular colors available from white to sandstone to what most people prefer…a custom paint job to meet your specifications!


For the ultimate in custom garage doors, look into Haas Door.  This shows just a few of the exciting configurations that lend themselves to a variety of different home styles.  Inset panels can be one color, while accent boards are in another.  Match your house color and your trim with so many options open to you!


Even the more traditional solid flat panel garage door doesn’t have to be plain Jane.  And, at Haas Door, they aren’t. In fact, they are available in four architecturally pleasing panel designs, all with the natural look of deep embossed wood grain and the durability of steel. The Platinum Edition is the premier residential door in the Award Series, offering exceptional quality and craftsmanship.  These doors are urethane insulated for maximum energy efficiency, while the embossed galvanized steel will give years of use without rusting, warping, or cracking. They are the perfect balance of beauty and practicality.


Not to be forgotten is Haas Door’s Wood Collection.  These doors are available in rich cherry or classic oak baked on custom finished that give you the exact appearance of real wood.  However, they are crafted from steel.  This combination gives you the beauty of high end wooden doors without the painstaking maintenance.  With their classic wood collection, no one will know the difference unless you tell them!!


Right down to the finishing details, as in their decorative hardware, these garage doors will be the crown jewel of your exterior.

I think we all agree that0an individual’s single most important investment is their home. A garage door can do more than just add beauty; it can insulate, save you money, and increase value.  So, in today’s economy, whether you are trying to sell your home or have decided to stay and make your home the home of your dreams, a new garage door can help with both.

Check out all the details about Haas Garage Doors on their website www.haasdoor.com.  Or, take a drive out to Wauseon, Ohio and meet with Edward and his son Jeff.  They are down to earth, people of quality and after a brief visit with them and their product, you’ll be hooked too!


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