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Most homes actually do need a storm door because it gives such great protection for your entry doors and it is another line of defense in your family’s security.

Well, if that’s the situation, now what do you do? The answer is easy if like Matt and I, you know the folks at ProVia Door.  I say this because the world of storm doors has changed immeasurably since I used to slam the old wooden screen door at my grandmother’s house.  How I loved the sound of that slamming!  Well, grandma didn’t and now she wouldn’t have to deal with kids making that kind of racket because, like I said, everything’s changed!


Since we know that cooler weather is on its way, it makes installing a new storm door a practical project for this time of year.  When we have some of those marvelous days that are a little chilly but the sun is shining like a champ, a storm door allows you to take advantage of the heat and a full panel of light from the sun without worrying about transferring any of the chilly air to the inside.  However, when you do want a nice breeze, storm doors that have screens allow you to regulate how much of a breeze to let in.  I think this is a wonderful convenience since without the storm door, my entry door blocks all light and gentle breezes! So storm doors have a convenience factor going for them right away.

Let’s talk about four other significant perspectives; energy efficiency, security, durability, and my favorite, beauty.

Energy Efficiency


Well, I may have touched upon this earlier when I swooned over the storm door allowing heat and light from the sun to come into the house, all the while keeping the cold at bay.  This extra barrier from the elements is the crux of the storm doors ability to add energy efficiencies. In the cold, a vapor barrier is created between your entry door and storm door where the air is warmer than outside, keeping your entry door temperature up, transferring less cold inside.
Then, let’s not forget that in the summer months it is extremely more energy efficient to let Mother Nature send cooling breezes through your home via the screens in your storm door than run an expensive air conditioner all day.


While we are talking screens, take a look at this solution to where to store the screens in winter. How about right in the door?  You never have to remove screens and take them to the attic or garage again! This is an exclusive top and bottom InVent retractable screen system that allows the screens to roll up and store right in the top and bottom rails of the storm door.  So, as you move the windows up or down, the attached screens move along with them either covering the opening with glass or with screen – its genius!

Your family will especially like the idea that a storm door is one more line of defense against intrusion.  In the event that your safety is compromised, an intruder would have to break their way through two doors instead of just one and that just means more time to get to a secure location and call the authorities.


On another security issue, screens in storm doors can be problematic when it comes to eager pets or even toddlers.   This particular storm door is called DuraGuard, because it does just that. It utilizes heavy duty, durable, fixed stainless steel screening that won’t pull from the framing, keeping youngsters and pets safe indoors – or guarded!


Now I know you’re going to think I’m crazy to mention this here, but one of my favorite features of ProVia’s storm doors is their double and triple sealed bottom sweeps.  Although this would normally be covered in the energy efficiency area, I like it right here in security, because sweeps like these will keep the bugs out!!


Seriously now, here in Florida I have even scarier things that get under less than adequate sweeps and they include scorpions and snakes. So double and triple sealed bottom sweeps are the best protection I know against the creepy crawlies!


Well, what can I say here?  I’m a girl and girls sometimes care more about beauty than durability.  But I do know this; I walked through the factory and watched these storm doors being made.  Each one is individually customized to the highest standards in the residential market for homeowners who appreciate impeccable, uncompromising quality. These are what are called “professional-class” storm doors and they are produced using 20% thicker aluminum than consumer-grade storm doors.  And if that isn’t enough for you, they offer a lifetime limited transferable warranty on all their storm doors.



Let’s begin here by saying that storm doors aren’t usually considered a design statement on the exterior of a home.  In fact, for years, they have seemed to take away from the beauty of the entry door.  However, today, as with so many things, designers have gotten their hands into the process early, and now storm doors are as pretty as they can be.


Just imagine the possibilities when you can customize your storm door to meet the unique configuration of your entryway by choosing from one of five different design series, each with numerous styles, 16 paint finishes, hardware, glass and accessories.  The possibilities are endless! And don’t be afraid of the design process because you can use computer software to help you eliminate the guesswork.  Just find your local ProVia Door Dealer and ask to see ProVia Studio. It’s a great design tool, and I should know!


One last step to add to the design process – make sure to check out Inspirations Glass options for your new storm doors. This is a selection of beautiful colored glass designs that you can add to your door.  There are a variety of designs and color combinations to choose from and I’m sure you can find one to fit just the look you are after.  In fact, one of these lovely glass designs could be just the “inspiration” you need for either your exterior or interior décor!

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  When Autumn approaches and those cool breezes become frigid cold, that’s the time to get busy on a new ProVia storm door with lovely Inspirations Glass.  This isn’t a sales pitch; this is one homeowner telling another about a good product.  It will give you everything you need from a storm door – energy efficiency, safety, durability and the addition of a real touch of elegance to your entry!


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