How to Install TP Holders and Towel Bars


Nothing is more frustrating than having a towel bar fall off the wall when hanging a wet towel.

This seems like a project that just anyone can do, but there is a trick to it if you want your towel bars to stay in the wall when you add the towel and the TP holders to be sturdy as you grab and pull at the rolls.  It’s simple, really, it’s a better wall anchor is all, but here are the steps to follow in case you’ve never done this before.

I’m not sure you can tell, but there is a shadow around the edge of this bracket where it meets the wall which means it doesn’t really meet the wall!  In other words it’s loose and the toilet paper roll keeps falling off.  Annoying!!  So the first step is to take off the brackets.


On the top of the base of the bracket against the wall is a screw that holds the actual bracket piece in place.  It needs to be removed using an Allen wrench which is that little “L” shaped wrench.  Interestingly, this screw should be on the bottom so whoever installed this in the first place did it incorrectly!


Once the bracket is loose, remove it to expose the screw that is supposed to hold the base to the wall.  Of course your design could be a little different, the base and bracket could be all one and there will be a metal flat bracket with ends that protrude a bit to secure the bracket on. In any case, now remove the base from the wall by unscrewing it.


This should expose the culprit – the cheap little wall plug that came with the heavy expensive TP holder that can’t hold the unit in place!  Pull it out, get it off of the screw and throw it away!


In fact, the next time you purchase anything like this that hangs…towel bars, drapery rods, wall mounted shelves, and the list goes on, open the package and immediately throw these useless wall plugs out!


And, replace them with these plastic self anchoring molleys.  They are genius and they work!


Go ahead and use the same hole because the new molley will enlarge it a bit but screw in and hold tight. Do this with both sides of the TP holder.


Re-install the base, screwing the screw in tight.  Just try to wiggle it with your hand – I dare you!


Here I am re-installing with the Allen wrench with the screw on the bottom like it is supposed to be!


Add your favorite TP, grab an end and run around the house.  I promise the TP holder will stay right where you put it!!


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