3 Different Ways to Store Printed Recipes


Round up all your recipes from friends, magazines, copied on scrap paper, and lets figure out the best ways to file them so you can actually find them when you want to make something!

When it comes to recipes, organization is key.  You want to be able to find the recipe when the urge hits to actually make it!  Or, you want to be able to find that great tilapia recipe you found a couple months ago, but where is it?  Well, if you are feeling this way, it’s time for a recipe round up for you too.

Someday I would like to have my computer in my kitchen where I could pull up all sorts of recipes at any time, put them in my personal recipe box, file them in alpha order, etc.  However, today is not that day.  Today I have to create other ways to be organized and here a couple you might want to try.


Mini Photo Albums

Mini photo albums are just about the right size for recipe cards.  In fact, I have a couple sizes of cards; normal size and a larger version.  Fortunately, either size will fit.  As always, there are advantages and disadvantages to any system.


This can be great for organizing because you can use the red album as main dishes and green for salads, etc.  However, you do have to remove the recipe from the protective sleeve to read anything that is on the back.


Three Ring Binders

A good old fashioned three ring binder can also be quite helpful, especially if you are one of those cooks who find her recipes in magazines.  A magazine recipe comes with more than what you really need.  The recipe is usually one column in length, and you either get more recipes to fill in the 81/2” by 11” magazine page or if you are lucky, a picture of the recipe when serving!


Unlike the photo albums, in the binder you can usually see the entire recipe and can keep it in the protective plastic sleeve.  Using dividers, you can separate your main dish recipes from the vegetables and desserts.  A couple of binders usually sit nicely on the counter or can fit up in a cabinet if that is how you store your cookbooks.

Decorate the front using scrapbook paper and lettering and you’re on your way to an organized collection of favorite recipes!

Desktop File Box & Folders

I found this navy; fabric covered file box at Marshall’s for a couple dollars and thought it would make a great container for folders with recipes.  I did have to dress up the folders a bit, but that was a fun project as well as creating the labels.
Here’s a step by step for the folders.


1.  Start by gathering together your file box, a roll of co-coordinating wrapping paper, spray adhesive, manila file folders, and a couple of colored sharpies or colored pencils.


2.  Cut a piece of wrapping paper large enough to cover two folders.


3.  In a well ventilated area…like outside…open the folders and spray the outside with a spray adhesive.  This stuff is dangerous to inhale so hold your breath!


4.  Next, bring the folders back in and place them sticky side down onto the wrong side of the wrapping paper.  Press in place to make sure the entire surface of the folder is stuck to the wrapping paper.


5.  Once the adhesive has dried, cut closely around the file folder to remove the excess wrapping paper.


They will look great when you’re done so take a moment to appreciate your good work!!


6.  Use the sharpies to draw your own labels and start inserting your collected recipes.  The nice thing about the file folder concept is that any size recipe will fit.  If you want to protect them, slide them into protective sleeves!

If you have a clever organizational idea for recipes, let us know by adding a comment below!  In the meantime, Happy Organizing!!


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