Add a Homemade Leaning Wine Rack to Your Home

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This wine rack is a very simple project and it’s a great way to display your favorite bottles of wine.

What a pretty display this wine rack makes in a dining room where we often have an empty corner.  It’s just as much artistic as it is functional and it is a fairly easy project to do.

The rack leans against the wall and the bottles are at a slight angle so that if the bottle has a cork (a lot of wineries are using screw tops) it will stay moist to protect the seal.

You can complete this project easily in a few hours, just in time to uncork or unscrew a nice Merlot or Chardonnay; pass me a diet coke please.

Materials List:
1 Sheet of ¾ inch Birch plywood
1 x 4 x 6 foot pine board for side trim
Circular saw
Jig saw
120 grit sandpaper
Small wood brads
Wood glue
1¼ inch forstner bit
Wood stain
Water based polyurethane.


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1. The height of the wine rack is 60 inches.  It is 16 inches wide at the base and 8” wide at the top.  Measure and draw out the design on a piece of ¾ inch plywood.  Cut the birch plywood along your layout line using a circular saw.  Use a guide clamped into place to ensure a nice smooth cut.

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2. At the base of the rack, cut a curved leg using a cup lid as a template (I used a coffee can lid). Measure in 2 inches from each side, draw a slight curve and draw a straight line between the two curves.

photo 5

3. Cut out the detail using a jig saw and a scroll blade.

photo 6

4. Sand smooth using 120 grit sand paper.

photo 7

5. To hide the rough edge of the plywood attach a smaller trim piece along the edge of the wine rack, cut the edge off of a piece of 1 x 4 pine using a table saw (or this edge can be purchased at a home center store).

Use wood glue to help hold it in place and tack it down with brads.  I use a nail gun, but a hammer and finish nails work just as well.

photo 8

6. Find the center of the wine rack and mark the location of each hole that will hold a wine bottle.  I started the first hole 8 inches down from the top of the wine rack.

photo 9

7. Then make a new mark every 6 inch until you have marked all seven holes.

photo 10

8. With a 1¼ inch forstner bit drill out the seven holes that will hold the wine bottles.

photo 11

Remember when drilling holes in lumber, start the hole on one side when you see the tip of the bit poke through, flip the board over and continue the hole until completed, this will eliminate tearing of the wood.

After all the holes have been drilled, sand the entire assembly smooth using 120 grit sandpaper and remove all the dust using a tack cloth.

photo 12

9. Stain the wood to compliment the room it will be in.  Apply several coats of water based polyurethane to protect the finish.

To prevent slippage the wine rack can be attached to the wall using small hooks attached to the back of the rack and then secured to the wall

photo 2

The last step is to fill the display with your favorite wines!

Sometimes the simplest projects are the ones that are used the most.  This wine rack looks great in the room and is a great way to show off your favorite vintage.  It is also the type of project that could become a wonderful gift for the wine connoisseur in your family or your wine buff friend.


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