Rustic Birch Tree Napkin Rings

Birch tree napkin rings seem like a fall to winter item to me, but if you have rustic style decor in your home, Shari seems to think they’d be fine all year-long.  Well, that sounds even better to me because once I make them, I really would like them to be used!

Rustic Birch Napkin Rings -

Birch tree napkin rings are fairly easy to create, and you know what a great gift they would make for the holidays, a birthday, heck, any occasion!  If you are interested in making a set, just follow along…

Materials List:

  • Pieces of birch limbs that are at least 2” in diameter
  • Miter or hand saw
  • Permanent ink black marker
  • 2 Clamps
  • Scrap piece of 1” X 4” lumber
  • Electric drill
  • 1 3/8” forstner bit
  • Blue painter tape
  • 150 grit sandpaper
  • Clear water based sealer


1. Use permanent ink marker to mark off 1½”  sections of the birch limb.  Birch limb should be fairly straight, without any cracks or holes and must be dry.

2. Cut sections with saw. You can use a hand saw, but a miter saw or table saw will make sharper cuts.

Rustic Birch Napkin Rings -

3. To cut a hole through the sections, first clamp a piece of scrap lumber to your  workbench. Then, clamp the first section of  the birch limb to the scrap lumber.

4. Make a mark on the forstner bit with a piece of tape at the depth where the bit will come through the birch limb and into the scrap lumber so you can be ready to pull out the forstner bit.

Rustic Birch Napkin Rings - MattandShari.com5. Carefully drill center of limb section out (notice mine isn’t perfectly in the center…that’s called “charm”!  Then, lightly sand the inside and edges so it doesn’t snag the cloth napkins.

6. Repeat for as many napkin rings as you want in your set.

7. Seal the napkin rings with a clear water-based sealer to help protect and preserve the wood for years to come.


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