Make Ribbon Pillows for the Holidays

Holiday Ribbon Pillow -

How about creating a beautiful ribbon pillow by weaving together beautiful holiday ribbons? It makes for lovely décor or even a special gift. Anyone who knows me well knows that pillows are one of my favorite accessories, any time of the year.  I think holiday pillows are particularly festive – especially when they are hand-made…

Rustic Birch Tree Napkin Rings

Birch Napkin Rings

Birch tree napkin rings seem like a fall to winter item to me, but if you have rustic style decor in your home, Shari seems to think they’d be fine all year-long.  Well, that sounds even better to me because once I make them, I really would like them to be used! Birch tree napkin…

Stress Free Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Stress Free Thanksgiving Candles -

If you are looking for stress free Thanksgiving decorating ideas, these simple suggestions on keeping it natural will add pizzazz to your holiday décor without driving you crazy! Make it Natural! If you have a backyard full of pine cones, colored leaves, branches, bittersweet and the like, a Natural theme might be just what the…

Autumn Centerpiece in a Muted Palette

Autumn Centerpiece with Eucalyptus -

So often at this time of the year we see an autumn centerpiece and wreath in “autumn” colors of gold, red and brown.  This combination of colors is beautiful for the season and I’m definitely not knocking it. However, this year I wanted to try something different for my autumn centerpiece. I started with a…

Design and Color Trends for Fall

Fall Trends Gray with Color Accents -

Usually, when the seasons change, so do the color trends that you see in stores for home furnishings, clothing, and accessories. Well, this fall, there are about 6 or 7 colors that you find in just about everything. This is good to know if you are getting ready to make any decorative changes around your…

Mini Homemade Ghosts for Halloween

Mini Halloween Ghosts -

These adorable mini homemade ghosts are perfect for all sorts of Halloween decorating. Use them on shelves, in centerpieces, even on the kitchen or bathroom counter to spread the Halloween spirit around the house. You can have some homemade ghosts too and here’s what you’ll need. Materials: Three small craft blocks, about 2 ½” cubes…

Halloween Ghost Made from Gauze

Homemade Life-size Ghost -

Have you ever seen a ghost?  I have, it’s a Halloween ghost.  In fact, there’s one lurking on my front porch right now.  No, I’m not a psychic or a medium.  I’m just someone who loves Halloween and all the scary decorations that go along with it. When I suggested to Matt that I’d like…

Framed Leaves Decorate for Fall

Framed Leaves in Glass -

Of course we all know that real autumn leaves can be preserved, but if you don’t have the time and are looking for a way to bring the falling leaves inside, you can make your own leaves (in colors and textures that appeal to you and your spaces) in no time at all. Here’s what…

Fall Wreaths with Unique Touches

Circular Fall Wreath -

It’s pretty tough to come up with great new ideas for fall wreaths every single year.  That’s why being open to the classics is a good idea! However, I’ve snapped some shots of what is new and interesting in fall wreaths as I’ve been out shopping. I’ve seen new ideas in color, shape and content….

Fall Birds are a Natural Home Accent

Fall Birds - Sequined Owl

Do you remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Bird’s”? Well, that’s NOT what I’m talking about here! This season, why not bring fall birds into your décor. I mention this because they are everywhere, in nearly every home décor product, and in so many different species, you can choose your favorite! Owls Owls have been…