Fall Wreaths with Unique Touches

Circular Fall Wreath - MattandShari.com

It’s pretty tough to come up with great new ideas for fall wreaths every single year.  That’s why being open to the classics is a good idea! However, I’ve snapped some shots of what is new and interesting in fall wreaths as I’ve been out shopping. I’ve seen new ideas in color, shape and content….

Fall Birds are a Natural Home Accent

Fall Birds - Sequined Owl

Do you remember the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Bird’s”? Well, that’s NOT what I’m talking about here! This season, why not bring fall birds into your décor. I mention this because they are everywhere, in nearly every home décor product, and in so many different species, you can choose your favorite! Owls Owls have been…

Applesauce  – A Healthy Homemade Treat

Homemade Applesauce - MattandShari.com

If you’ve never made applesauce before you MUST do this. It is so easy, takes only a few minutes, and tastes fantastic! Choose apples that are soft so they cook down quickly, like Braeburn, Cortland, McIntosh, Fuji, Golden Delicious, and the like. You will get the best applesauce if you mix up the types of…

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Sew an Apron with Pockets

Sew an Apron - MattandShari.com

Aprons with pockets make so much sense, but I never see anyone wearing them.  What’s the problem?  They are super easy to make, so you can have one that you love in a couple of hours, and you can make them to fit YOU! Here’s how. Materials List: 1 ¼ yards of your favorite washable…

Finishing Seams Saves Them from Fraying

Flat Felled Seam

Any time you sew a home decor project like a drapery, shower curtain, bedspread, etc., you have seams. Seams are made up of a stitch line and raw edges of fabric. It’s the raw edges that need some care so your project holds up over time and washings! Also, if the project won’t be lined,…

Cloth Napkins are Elegant and Easy

Apple Pattern Cloth Napkins

You might not call my “apple” cloth napkins elegant, but they certainly were easy and you can create any ambiance you like by selecting fabrics that portray the look or feeling you are going for. When you select your cloth napkin fabrics, make sure they are of an absorbent fiber like cotton. Materials for 2…

Cloth Napkin Folding Ideas

Three Napkin Folds

Little is as impressive as the results of napkin folding on your dining table. Your guests will marvel at the unique origami shapes you are capable of creating. Relax though, they are easier than you think, but let your guests think otherwise! How about starting your napkin folding expertise with the bird of paradise?  Here’s…

Terrariums Can Update Indoor Greenery

Terrarium in Cloche

Easy-to-make miniature landscapes, or terrariums, make for interesting accessories in just about any room in your home. They seem fitting for all seasons of the year, but it’s during the winter months that the green is so welcome! It doesn’t take much time or money to fill your home with these tiny gems.  Just follow…