How To Sew a Friendly Pumpkin Pillow


Are you looking for a sewing project that will enhance your fall or Halloween decor? Try these easy instructions for a friendly pumpkin pillow. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year. I adore the colors of changing leaves, the pumpkins and gourds, and all the holidays from September through November. To celebrate, I…

Make an Indoor Wreath from Flannel and Ribbon


Indoor wreaths work over headboards, on pantry doors, bath and bedroom doors, even as artwork on the wall. Believe it or not, many of the projects that we make for shows or specials don’t make it into the show at all. Well, this “any season” wreath was one of those projects! It was also lost…

Use Dining Table Pedestals for Buffets and Parties


If you are planning a party or small get together, why not display your cooking talents or table decor with these easy to build pedestals that are the perfect table top size. What a great way to show off your green bean casserole, or special pumpkin pie. Shari will be the first to tell you…

Mexican Grilled Chicken Fajitas Made at Home


Pull out the grill, grab the tortillas and get rady to fill up that emplty tummy with mouth watering fajitas! I like to make these chicken fajitas because I have my husband go out and grill the chicken. The advantage to having someone else grill is that while that’s going on I can chop up and put all…

Teach Your Kids to Make Homemade Pizza!


It’s easy to do, you get the exact type of pizza you want, nobody takes slices from you and they taste great, so why not learn how to make your own personal pizzas? I sure don’t know the numbers, but I’ll bet pizza ranks pretty high in the food category with just about any child…

Classic Tic Tac Toe Game Made From Craft Foam


Grab some sheets of your favorite colors and whip up a tic tac toe game for this weekend.  It’ll keep the kids busy crafting in the afternoon and then the whole family can play in the evening! I know that you know that I LOVE FELT. Well, I’m starting to have the same feeling for…

Sew a Convenient Kid’s Bed Book Pocket


Keep your child’s favorite book close at hand with this bed book pocket you can sew and let them read themselves to sleep! We have always made reading a priority in our home. It was easy for me as a kid and I’ve always spent time in book stores looking for the next great read….

Bean Bag Toss Game to Make in the Shop


The traditional bean bag toss game is a perfect one for family picnics, weekends or holidays and it can take you from spring through to the fall! Autumn is definitely creeping into the air, and by looking at the calendar I can see that October is looming just ahead. Which gave me an idea for…

Books We’ve Read and Recommend for Kids


To me there is nothing better than a good book, and kid’s books are no different.  In fact, those listed are books I’ve enjoyed with my kids and will keep on the bookshelf ’til the grandkids have grandkids!  Matt and I are voracious readers. He reads all sorts of adventure, humor, mystery, history, both fiction…