The Log Cabin Quilt Block is a Signature Block


The Log Cabin block is a great block to sew because it has a square in the center that can become a signature block for your quilt.  You can embroider your name and a date in it to pass on down through generations of your family.

The basic make-up of the Log Cabin block is simple.  As you can see, the design begins with a 3” center block. (Make sure to add ¼” all around for seam allowances.) Then, the paisley patterned strip at the bottom is as wide as the center block and a finished width of
1 1/2”, (Cut adding ¼” all around.)  The yellow strip on the right is as long as the patterned strip plus the center block.  The caramel diamond patterned strip at the top is as long as the width of the yellow strip and the center block combined and this continues on around until you have the block completed.


Here you can see how nicely the “logs” are coming together!  I chose 4 different coordinating colors for my logs and opted to stack the same color on top of itself.  You can do anything here you like as far as design. It takes three of each color stacked to create a 12” finished block.


I LOVED THIS BLOCK…because it is so easy to make.  And it’s especially interesting to note that if you are doing an entire quilt out of log cabin squares, you cut very long strips of your colors. Then, when sewing the blocks together you simply cut the strip after you’ve sewn it to the block.  This makes the whole process go so much easier because you don’t have to measure any lengths!  Just picture the yellow strip in this sewing shot continuing on for 44”.  After being stitched to the first “log” and center block it would then be cut off to line up with the edge of the center block!

Once all the pieces are sewn together, iron all the seams to the outside.


The finished block turned out fantastic.  Everything lined up and laid flat so nicely.  I will put this block in the lower right corner of my quilt in anticipation of it being a signature block.  Hmm, better find the embroidery floss and figure this out!

Here is a link to a template for the log cabin quilt block.   logcabinquiltblocktemplate.pdf


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