Finishing Seams Saves Them from Fraying

Any time you sew a home decor project like a drapery, shower curtain, bedspread, etc., you have seams. Seams are made up of a stitch line and raw edges of fabric. It’s the raw edges that need some care so your project holds up over time and washings! Also, if the project won’t be lined, you want the seams to look nice. Here are a couple of seam finishing methods that you can incorporate into your next projects.

The Flat Felled Seam


Once you sew your seam, cut one of the seam allowances down close to the stitching.  Fold the other selvage in half and then fold it over the stitch line and pin it in place.  Then, sew it down, covering all the raw edges.

French Seam


In a French seam. you put the two wrong sides of the fabric together and sew the seam.  Cut the seam allowances down to 1/8” and press the seam allowance to one side.


Then, fold all the fabric over the seam so the right sides are together and stitch another ¼” seam, closing in the seam allowances and creating a clean seam.

Pinking the Edges


You can simply pink the seam allowances for speed or even zigzag stitch the seam allowance edges…just do whatever method you prefer. Any one of them will clean up your raw edges and help your project last even longer!


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