Get That Festive Feeling with Flag Banners


Flag banners can be stretched across your rooms for a festive look on that special ocassion, but be prepared, you might like them so much you won’t want to take them down!

Now doesn’t this say summer to you?  It sure does to me, and the pretty blue plaid fabrics seem fresh and cooling.  This is a great sewing project that might be a good starter project for your children.  It is meant to be done quickly, so don’t fret about perfect cut lines or perfectly straight sewing.

This lovely flag banner can be hung over doorways in a hall, swooped like a garland along a stair banister or I especially like it hung along a mantle!  Remember, once the banner is hung, no one will notice the workmanship; they’ll just enjoy the décor!


Materials List:

  • Several woven cotton fabrics of your  choice – solids and plaids are nice
    (I purchased 1/4 yard of each of 5  fabrics and had plenty to make over  12 yards of flags if they are spaced  about 4” apart.  If you want them to  butt at the ends, you can get about 6  yards of flags.  I was able to cut 15  flags out of each  ¼ yard.)
  • Several yards Double Fold Bias Tape or  Quilt Binding
  • Matching thread to the quilt binding
  • Pinking Shears
  • Heavy paper for a template



1.  Start by cutting a triangular template out of heavy paper.  I made my flags 5” wide at the top by 9” long at the hypotenuse.


2.  Fold the fabric so you can cut out several flags at a time.  Trace the flag onto the fabric and cut along the line with pinking shears.


Continue in this fashion until all the flags are cut out.


3.  Stitch together as many yards of quilt binding as you want for the length of your flag banner.  I used two pieces of quilt binding equaling about 6 yards.  To stitch the seam binding together, open up the folds and pin two pieces, right sides together, perpendicular from each other and sew across on a diagonal where the two pieces meet along the edges.


Cut the excess fabric off and refold the binding.


4.  Close the end of the binding and stitch along the open edge for about 8” or so before inserting a flag. You can use this excess binding to tie the flags up.  Insert the first flag in between the fold of the binding, close it and continue stitching along the edge to attach the flag.  Before you finishing sewing the flag in, grab another flag, position it inside the binding to butt the first flag, or leave a space, and continue stitching the binding together.  Remember to leave a few inches at the end of the binding to create a tie at both ends.


Now have fun draping it over all the bedroom doorways, or use it as steamers across the ceiling in your kitchen dining area, take it outside and use it as garland around your front door.


My son loved having it draped across his bunk bed….made him feel like a sailor he said!  Whatever you do, have fun with it because the possibilities are endless!


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