Make a Modern Stylish Bean Bag Pouf

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The bean bag chair of the 70’s was a comfortable relative of the new bean bag pouf, it just looks a bit slouchy and worn down compared to the new more geometric style.  These are easy to make and are a fun addition to just about any room.

Before you start your pouf, there are a couple decisions that must be made so you purchase the right materials. For instance, what size do you want your pouf? We’ve seen them measuring around 24” square and about 13” high.  Or, you can make them 18” cubed too if you like – it’s all personal preference.

Next, decide if you are going to want to wash the pouf at some time.  If you will, select a washable fabric or at least one that is able to be dry-cleaned. When you make this choice, this means you will need to make a liner for your pouf to hold the beans so the cover can be removed.  This also means the cover will require a zipper.  Purchase your materials according to your decisions, but the basics are as follows.

Materials List:

  • Sturdy fabric of choice
  • Bean bag pellets
  • Cardboard for template or measuring tools
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine
  • 16”-21”Zipper (optional)
  • Muslin or light fabric for liner (optional)


1. If you are using cardboard for the templates for your sides, top, and bottom, cut the templates ½” wider on all sides for seam allowances.

2. Cut out the six pieces needed to create your bean bag pouf. (Four sides and a top and bottom.) Cut the same pieces out of muslin if you’ve decided you want to wash your pouf.

3. Stitch the muslin pieces together. For sturdiness, stitch each seam twice.  I suggest you put the sides together first, then add the top, then the bottom. Remember to leave one of the seams open in the middle as you add the bottom piece so you have an opening to add the beans.

4. Next, stitch the four sides of the outer cover together, stitching twice along each seam or creating flat felled seams like you have on your jeans. Attach the top piece.

5. Now, if you are adding a zipper, you might want to add it to one of the seams where the bottom piece meets the sides. Follow the instructions that come with the zipper. You may or may not have to stitch part of the seam first before adding the zipper in.

6. Once the zipper is in place, turn the pouf inside out, start pinning the remaining 3 sides to the bottom. Before you pin all the way around, open the zipper a bit so you have access to turn the pouf right side out. Stitch the remaining 3 sides to the bottom of the pouf.

7. Turn the pouf right side out.

8. I think it is a good idea to fill the muslin pouf once you have it inside the outer pouf. So, insert the muslin pouf in the outer pouf and grab the hole you left in the muslin and position it by the zipper opening.  Fill the muslin pouf with pellets until you feel you have enough inside.  Hand stitch the muslin pouf closed. Zip the zipper on the outer pouf and you are finished!

Now, let’s have a talk about removing the pellet filled muslin pouf. After use, the pellets in the muslin pouf will compress, this should allow you to remove the muslin pouf from the outer pouf when it finally does get dirty. If you can’t get it out, you may have to open up your hand stitches and remove some of the pellets. It was the same with the bean bag chairs…you really had to use it and squish things down to get the liner out of the bag. Then, once the outer pouf is clean, you may even want to add a few extra pellets to “pouf” it up!

But just remember to keep telling yourself that the comfort you enjoy laying around in your pouf is worth the effort to keep it clean and in good shape.


Gotta have it:

Pouf from West Elm

Here’s a cute printed fabric pouf from West Elm.  Not sure if this one is still available but they have several to choose from.  Just thought you’d like to see some in print.

Pouf from AmazonThis snappy zig-zag patterned pouf is available from Amazon and it comes in a couple different colors – fun!


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