Quality Conscious

If you are interested in understanding how to determine the quality of items you purchase, check here for tips on a variety of household items.

The Pampered Hot Drink Consumer

Flavia Hot Drink Maker

Just spent a few hours at the car dealer getting something checked on my car. To help make all of us poor folk who are just sitting there waiting, a bit happier, this car dealership has a big screen TV, comfy chairs, bagels and donuts (in the morning but changes to fresh baked chocolate chip…

Read These Tips Before Buying a Couch

Tight Back Sofas Always Look Neat

A couch (or sofa as I’ve  come to call it) is a big purchase and these tips will help you make a smart decision on both style and quality. Let’s talk about style first since that decision is made while you are still at home.  The quality portion happens while you are standing in the…

Learn How to Judge Flea Market Finds

Fine Fabrics from Flea Markets - MattandShari.com

You’ve heard one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?  Well garbage day can prove that if you get out early and scour the streets for the most amazing things people will throw away! Is trash day just another day around your house? Well, to me it’s like having Christmas delivered right to your curb. Yes,…

All You Need to Know About Flooring Options


Laminate versus ceramic and what is engineered hardwood…well all the answers are right here.  Flooring is one of those decorating items where the more knowledge you have about the products and variety of style the easier it is to make a decision about which type of flooring is best for you home.  Flooring choices can vary…

Learn How to Purchase Quality Bedding


The world of bed linens can be complicated with thread count and weave, but these words will turn you into a confident and informed shopper.  Doctors say that seven or eight hours of sleep is essential to good health, but how many adults do you know who regularly get a good night’s sleep?  For many of…