The Look of Home


Bless Sherwin Williams and one key person, Scott King, for allowing Shari and Matt to pursue this unique form of advertising. Though the real show concept that they deveoped was that of room by room, Matt and Shari’s first show was done live to save costs and was called “The Look of Home.”

The Look of Home was a studio based, live, hour long program that aired once a week on Wednesday evenings. It was broadcast on a public access channel in Cleveland, Ohio to about 75,000 households.  It was there that the two discovered their TV personas. Shari was all interior design, and Matt got it done! This relationship has held fast and has taken them to far away places both geographically and spiritually.

thelookofhomeThe Look of Home aired in 1992 for about two seasons but Matt and Shari were determined to have their original concept. It took two years to find HGTV and make their dreams come true!

It’s been a wild ride for the past 20 years, but Matt and Shari wouldn’t have it any other way!

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